We help your whole population sleep better, feel happier and worry less

Our first program:

  1. Awareness campaign to engage your whole population

    of people

    Millions of people suffer from mental health issues, but the challenge is finding them. Our solution starts with a custom communications campaign focused on sleep - universally engaging and a strong indicator of mental health.

  2. Instant personalized feedback and help

    of people

    A simple online test allows us to deliver the right level of help to everyone, from a personal Sleep Score and sleep report to weekly sleep guides.

  3. Full CBT-based program for the poorest sleepers

    of people

    Those with the most severe problems get access to our proven program, based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and tailored to each individual's needs by our virtual expert The Prof.

A service personalized to your needs

  • Dedicated point of contact

    An account manager to work with you from rollout to reporting

  • Custom communications

    A communications plan and materials tailored to each of your key audiences

  • Full outcomes reporting

    A full report on the impact on your population's health & productivity

Life-changing outcomes

Sally - sleep problems for 10+ years

"Sleepio has helped me feel in control, meaning that my life is no longer dominated by sleep."

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