Everything we do is backed by gold standard clinical evidence

Our first program is Sleepio, a digital sleep improvement program

Sleepio helps 76% of people achieve healthy sleep

In the world's first placebo-controlled clinical trial for a digital sleep intervention, Sleepio was shown to be significantly more effective than both placebo and treatment as usual.

% insomnia sufferers achieving healthy sleep

  • Post therapy
  • 8 weeks post therapy
Sleepio helps over 30% more people than placebo or treatment as usual Espie et al. (2012) SLEEP;35(6).

Effective at helping people make changes to alleviate anxiety and depression

In a clinical audit study, 68% of NHS patients with mild to moderate depression and anxiety moved to recovery with the help of Sleepio.

% depression and anxiety patients moving to recovery

Sleepio helps 23% more people move to recovery than the average for N H S services NHS data showing change in depression and anxiety during treatment of patients with anxiety, depression and comorbid insomnia. Luik et al. (2016) Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy; published ahead of print.

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