SparkRx is the first evidence-based therapeutic for adolescent depression

Helping patients ages 13+ experiencing symptoms of depression anytime, anywhere. Designed to overcome common barriers to mental health care access, SparkRx is a clinically validated treatment for depression that meets adolescents where they are — on their smartphones.

SparkRx delivers clinically meaningful results in reducing depressive symptoms in real world use.1


reached remission1


Experienced a treatment response1

A gateway to more help

“I didn’t feel OK, but I just brushed it aside like it was nothing. SparkRx helped me regulate my emotions, […] it helped enough that I could recognize when I’m doing something that’s overreacting.” 3

Designed with clinical experts in adolescent depression

SparkRx is an effective digital treatment that helps adolescents overcome feelings of depression.

Statistically significant reduction in depressive symptoms

More than 2x as many SparkRx users had clinically meaningful improvements in symptoms compared to Usual Care* participants.2

Based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy with a focus on behavioral activation principles

SparkRx is a self-guided 5-week program rooted in the principles of behavioral activation – a highly evidenced treatment for depression.

Mood tracking with built-in safety features. 

Patients use SparkRx to track their mood and if language indicates potential self-harm, patients are shown crisis resources and emergency guidance.

A self-paced treatment journey

A 5-week program with a 7-week access period. Patients are guided through the program by Limbot, a robot character tailored to them.

Level 1: Start Your Journey

Level 2: Making Choices

Level 3: Solving Problems

Level 4: Staying Active

Level 5: Journey’s End

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*Usual care is the care the targeted patient population would be expected to receive as part of the normal practice and, within RCTs, refers to the care the participants who are not receiving the tested intervention receive.

In accordance with FDA’s Current Enforcement Discretion Policy for Digital Health Devices for Psychiatric Disorders, for patients who are followed by and diagnosed with depression by a medical provider, SparkRx can be made available as an adjunct to their usual medical care for depression. SparkRx does not replace the care of a medical provider or a patient’s medication. SparkRx has not been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for these indications.

1.Internal data, Sep 2023. Remission is defined as the percentage of enrolled users with clinical symptoms at baseline whose most recent PHQ-2 score is subclinical. Treatment response is defined as the percentage of users with clinical or symptomatic scores at baseline that show at least 25% improvement on the PHQ-2 between the most recent follow up and baseline. The “clinical”, “symptomatic” and “preventive” severity ranges represented here are based on distributions of internal data collected by Big Health using validated screening tools. While screening tools alone are not sufficient to diagnose depression, screening test results can be an indicator that the individual should discuss their results with their provider.

2. Unpublished RCT data, Sep 2023


DOC-3257 Effective September 2023