Accessible, non-drug treatments for mental health 

Our digital treatments for insomnia, anxiety, and depression enable clinicians to:

  • Grant patients immediate access to evidence-based behavioral treatments for common mental health conditions 
  • Improve patient health outcomes
  • Meet patient preferences for non-drug treatment options1
  • Optimize time with a stepped-care approach 
  • Expand clinical conditions covered
  • Scale their practice

Partner with us

Already used at scale by clinicians in the UK, Big Health is now working with US clinicians in limited instances to enable use of our evidence-based digital treatments in clinical practice. If you have a general question for our team, or if you would like to sign up to learn more about providing Sleepio, Daylight, or SparkRx to your patients, please submit the form below.

We believe evidence
is a duty, not a chore

We’re committed to gold-standard clinical evidence. We have 80+ peer-reviewed publications with more than 28,000 participants, including 15 randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

Disclaimer: In accordance with FDA’s Current Enforcement Discretion Policy for Digital Health Devices for Psychiatric Disorders, for patients who are followed by and diagnosed with insomnia disorder, generalized anxiety disorder or depression by a medical provider, Sleepio, Daylight and SparkRx can be made available as an adjunct to their usual medical care for insomnia disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, or depression, respectively. Sleepio, Daylight and SparkRx do not replace the care of a medical provider or a patient’s medication. Sleepio, Daylight and SparkRx have not been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for these indications.Users are directed to not make any changes to their prescribed medication or other type of medical treatment without seeking professional medical advice.

1. McHugh, R. K., Whitton, S. W., Peckham, A. D., Welge, J. A., & Otto, M. W. (2013). Patient preference for psychological vs pharmacologic treatment of psychiatric disorders: a meta-analytic review. The Journal of clinical psychiatry, 74(6), 595–602.

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