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Big Health’s New Daylight™ App Combats Worry and Anxiety with Science, Animation and the Power of Voice
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The stigma-free
way to address mental health

Sleepio engages with sleep, a topic relevant to everyone, 

and provides entertaining, scientifically proven help

for sleep and mental health

Digital therapeutic for sleep

Sleepio is a fully automated yet highly personalized digital 
sleep improvement program instantly accessible via app and web


Your virtual animated sleep expert

Your sleep expert The Prof, accompanied by his narcoleptic 
dog, Pavlov guides you on a journey to better sleep, 
meeting with you for weekly sessions or whenever you 
may need a helping hand

Personalized to your 
situation and progress

The Prof learns about you, your challenges, and your goals 
to personalize your program and is always available to 
provide relevant help wherever and whenever you need it

Practical techniques that are proven to work

Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for 
insomnia and designed by Professor Colin Espie (Oxford University), 
Sleepio delivers practical techniques that are backed by 
decades of evidence

Improved sleep leads to better mental health

Sleepio has now been the subject of 8 randomized controlled trials demonstrating improvements in not only sleep, but also in overall mental health

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Life-changing Outcomes

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