The approachable new way to address worry and anxiety


Our digital therapeutic for worry and anxiety

Daylight is a fully-automated yet highly personalized mobile app built with talent from Pixar & Radiolab: experts at building emotional connection at scale


Your expert guide through difficult emotions

Daylight listens and talks to you, understands your challenges and goals, and guides you through learning and practicing proven strategies for reducing worry and anxiety in your life

Practical techniques that are proven to work

Based on cognitive and behavioral techniques for worry and developed in collaboration with leading experts from Boston University, UCLA, and UT Austin, Daylight delivers practical strategies proven to be effective over decades of research.


Personalized to your situation and progress

Daylight learns about you, your challenges, and your goals to personalize your program, and it responds to how you’re feeling in the moment to provide relevant help wherever and whenever you need it

Designed to comfort and delight

We believe that getting back to good mental health should be a positive experience. Daylight was built by leading podcast producers, filmmakers, designers, and animators to provide a fully immersive visual and auditory experience that is empathic yet entertaining and lighthearted


Life-changing Outcomes

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