Our post-outbreak response: mental health support at no cost
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Help your population
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mental health

Provide programs that deliver outcomes
your employees will thank you for

One in five employees are suffering, many of them in silence

1 in 5
employees suffer from a common mental health condition
don’t get help due to stigma and access barriers
additional annual healthcare costs for each person suffering

The impact of mental health difficulties within your organization

Number of employees
1 in 5 suffer from a common condition like insomnia, anxiety, or depression
65% don’t get help due to stigma and access barriers
$7K additional annual healthcare costs for each person suffering
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Your mental health partner of choice

We provide you with approachable and instantly accessible programs that are scientifically proven to help people address problems with sleep, worry and anxiety, that can contribute to common mental health difficulties
Approachable and instantly accessible
Instantly accessible self-help programs that are approachable & relatable to help your population overcome stigma and barriers to access
Entertainment as medicine
Our programs are scientifically proven but deliver experiences that feel more like entertainment than medicine, to drive engagement
Integrate rather than duplicate
Our programs provide an efficient first step that integrates, rather than duplicates, existing resources like EAP and telehealth
Full suite of programs
Our programs Sleepio and Daylight work together to provide seamless 24-hour support

We connect seamlessly with your ecosystem

Optimize the employee experience
We work closely with the leading digital hubs and benefits platforms
Bill through healthcare claims
Our industry partnerships and scientific evidence allow you to bill for Sleepio via claims
Connect your mental health resources
Our programs provide an easy on-ramp to your other mental health services

We partner with you to help you succeed

Custom communications strategies
We work with you to create custom communication strategies with impact 
In-depth outcomes reporting
We deliver biannual reports that cover not only engagement, but also outcomes and ROI
Meaningful outcomes, guaranteed
Our scientific evidence gives us the confidence to provide outcomes guarantees on stress and sleep improvements in your population

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Hear from other benefits leaders

"Sleepio is not just a tool to help employees improve their sleep - it's a fun and engaging program without the stigma of traditional solutions. Plus, we know better sleep can alleviate feelings of worry and anxiety" 

Jeannie Tomlinson,
AVP Corporate Health and Wellness,
The Hartford
“Healthy sleep will keep our employees on top of their game so they can continue creating the world’s best games and entertainment. It’s great to see the impact Sleepio has already made with some of our employees and we’re excited to offer it to everyone as part of our benefits program.”
Milt Ezzard,
VP Global Benefits,
Activision Blizzard
“We want all of our staff to be healthy, happy, engaged and productive – all of which are benefits of a good night’s sleep. That’s why we partnered with Big Health, to introduce the Sleepio program. We’ve had a tremendous response from employees who struggle with sleep about how appreciative they are that we’ve launched the program.”
Kerry Ryan,
Benefits Manager,
Boston Medical Center


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