Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in the smartphone age

Understanding and evaluating digital treatments for your organization

In the era of iPhones, digital solutions are available to address almost every concern imaginable, such as insomnia and anxiety. A search for insomnia-related tools in the Apple app store yields dozens of results, offering everything from sleep-inducing sounds to hypnosis to breathing exercises. Not all apps, however, are created equal.

How can you identify truly effective solutions, particularly when selecting apps to address the mental health of your organization? This whitepaper closely examines digital treatments — with a particular focus on solutions rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). By weighing the pros and cons of each category, you can determine which digital treatment options best suit your organization’s unique needs.

Key insights

  • Learn about the different types of digital solutions on the market
  • Recognize the value of CBT-based treatments and what sets them apart
  • Understand how CBT-based treatments fit into your existing benefits package
  • Assess solutions to help restore the mental health of your employees

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