How to evaluate digital treatments for insomnia and anxiety

A new guide for HR and people leaders assesses workplace solutions that support employee productivity and well-being

Insomnia and anxiety aren’t just personal concerns — they’re major workplace issues, too. Insomnia-related absenteeism and presenteeism cost US employers $2,280 per employee with insomnia annually — and employees with anxiety disorders also have high productivity costs — to the tune of $1,366 per employee per year.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for companies to invest in effective workforce solutions for managing insomnia and anxiety. In this guide, we explore the key factors to consider so you can select a solution that meets the needs of your employees and supports a healthy workplace culture.

Key insights: 

  • Understanding how insomnia and anxiety are linked with employee performance and health care costs
  • Learning about the range of workforce solutions for insomnia and anxiety
  • Identifying what digital treatments can do for your workforce 
  • Assessing how digital treatments stack up against other options in the market

A peek inside: 

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