How to support your organization through challenging events

A guide for HR and people leaders 

These days, stressful news comes in through our emails and phone alerts on a daily basis, taking a heavy toll on the mental health of many employees. It’s not surprising, then, that insomnia and anxiety are on the rise. Between 30-35% of US adults experience symptoms of insomnia, while 19.1% of US adults have an anxiety disorder.

As employers, it’s crucial to recognize that your employees may be struggling with their mental health and provide support and resources to help them cope. It’s also essential to normalize conversations about mental health in the workplace so employees feel comfortable seeking help when they need it. This guide provides strategies for helping employees manage difficult emotions caused by challenging events.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Assess the impacts of poor mental health on an organization
  • Understand why employees often don’t seek mental health care
  • Explore strategies to support employee mental health
  • Identify ways to build a resilient workplace culture

A peek inside: 

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