The vicious cycle of insomnia and anxiety

Easing the impact of these conditions on employee health and productivity

When insomnia and anxiety occur together, their effects can compound. A remarkable 24% to 36% of people with anxiety disorders experience insomnia, while people with insomnia are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder than those without sleep issues.

Employers play an important role in supporting employees who are struggling with these issues. This whitepaper examines the relationship between insomnia and anxiety, their effects on your workforce, and solutions for mitigating their impacts.

Key insights: 

  • Learn why and how insomnia and anxiety feed on each other
  • Understand how these conditions affect employee productivity and health care costs
  • Recognize the compounding effects of untreated sleep and anxiety issues
  • Assess solutions to help your employees break the insomnia-anxiety cycle

A peek inside: 

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