Improving productivity in automotive workers with quality sleep

A case study examining Sleepio adoption and outcomes in employees of an integrated automotive services company.

Benefits leaders must recognize when employees are struggling with their mental health and provide resources to help them cope. Proactively supporting your organization can positively impact employee health outcomes and significantly cut costs. 

One of our clients, an integrated automotive services company, adopted Sleepio to give employees immediate access to a clinically evidenced, non-drug treatment for insomnia after identifying urgent concerns about their employees’ mental health.

This case study provides insights into the real-world impact of investing in the mental health of your workforce, as demonstrated by this client.

You’ll learn about: 

  • The adverse effects of poor mental health within the automotive services industry
  • The strategy this client implemented to support employee mental health
  • The positive impact of Sleepio on employee’s mental health and the organization’s bottom line

A peek inside: 

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