The impact of good mental health in the health care industry

If you’re looking for health care specific data to make the case for investing in employee mental health, you've come to the right place.

Health care workers face a unique combination of pressures that contribute to high levels of stress, anxiety, and other costly mental health difficulties. Unfortunately, health care institutions often lack the clarity and resources necessary to make the financial case for investing in employee mental health. Not anymore.

Nearly 50% of doctors and nurses experience burnout.

Thomas P. Reith, 2018

In this industry-specific report, we demystify how to quantify the value of better employee mental health so that you don’t have to.

Core insights include: 

  • How improved mental health impacts your organization’s bottom line
  • Where poor mental health is driving costs for health care companies
  • Proven, industry-specific ways to break down barriers to mental health care
  • How your organization can think strategically about investing in workplace mental health

A peek inside: 

Health Care Cost Report
Health Care Cost Report
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