Three lessons from the biggest companies on their approach to mental health

Our benchmark report shows how 35+ of the most innovative companies — representing 2.5 million employees lives — are supporting workplace mental health.

Companies recognize the need to comprehensively support employee mental health. But creating a mental health strategy that is scalable, effective, and supports a diverse set of employee needs presents a host of challenges.   

Our benchmark report provides insight into how 35+ of the most innovative companies — representing 2.5 million employees lives — are performing when it comes to supporting workplace mental health. Using data from the industry-first Mental Health Maturity Index, this report provides HR and benefits teams with a glimpse into:

  1. The successes and challenges faced by leading employers’ in 2020 & 2021
  2. How your mental health strategy ranks relative to the nation’s biggest companies
  3. Three ways to quickly improve your mental health strategy 
  4. Workplace mental health insights and analysis from leading mental health clinicians

By learning from companies already blazing the trail, we can avoid mistakes and more quickly provide better mental health care for all.

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