Our purpose is to help millions back to good mental health

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This is what drives us. It’s why we're creating automated behavioral programs scalable enough to help everyone in need. It’s why we align our incentives with the interests of our users. It’s why we collect gold-standard scientific evidence and treat ethics as a duty, not a chore.


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Our values

Ingenuity is our secret weapon

Ingenuity is our secret weapon

Hard problems are best solved with applied creativity. When a door is locked shut, we hunt for a window. When humans don’t scale, we create virtual therapists. Even in the tightest of spots, with just our wits, lateral thinking, and a blowtorch, there’s nothing we can’t solve. Although in practice we rarely need the blowtorch.

You gotta have soul

You gotta have soul

There’s a certain energy to people who work here. A positivity, an infectious curiosity, an emotional generosity. We celebrate our differences, care for our users and look after each other. It’s what the French would probably call joie de vivre, and so would we if we could spell it. After all, the whole reason for good health is to enjoy life.

Greatness through humility

Greatness through humility

We hire brilliant people who ask stupid questions, give their best ideas away and celebrate others before themselves. And brilliant people know they can always improve. We admit when we’re wrong, take responsibility by default and embrace failure as a step towards greatness. We’re constructively honest with our peers – not to lay blame but to ask how we can all do better. That’s why there’s no I in Bg Health (ahem).

The tenacity to move mountains

The tenacity to move mountains

It takes unbelievable grit, resilience and plain old hard work to achieve the apparently impossible. And we’re willing to do the hard yards to transform healthcare. Even when it feels like walking over hot coals. Or pulling teeth. Or any other painful metaphor you can dream up. Because nothing worth achieving is easy. Now, where do you want that mountain?