Effective strategies for combating youth depression and suicidality in the digital age

As part of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, Big Health and Vita Health came together with Solome Tibebu of Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech to discuss preventative measures and strategies to combat depression and suicidal ideation in our adolescent population. In this replay, you will learn about new non-drug digital programs to help address the root cause of suicidality and meet adolescents where they are — on their smartphones. The panel will discuss how non-drug digital programs can bridge the generational gap and deliver a new era of mental health care options.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:
– The far-reaching impacts of suicide and adolescent depression
– The adverse effects on working parents and impacts on productivity
– Strategies for moving beyond acknowledgment and into effective action
– Embracing technology to tackle suicide and adolescent symptoms of depression and low mood with solutions from Vita Health and Big Health

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