The future of mental health care: familial mental health and workplace productivity

Today’s youth mental health crisis is presenting new challenges for the one in four workers who have an adolescent with a mental health issue, resulting in a costly toll on employee productivity. HR benefit managers are pressured with ensuring their benefits support the mental wellbeing, and overall health of their employee base as well as their families. Be a change leader and provide your employees with access to care that enables them to learn the skills they need to cope, manage, and overcome the mental health challenges taking place in the home.

In this session, you’ll learn more about the substantial impact the health of your employees’ family has on your organization and how to provide them with the tools needed for lasting recovery. Learn more about:

  • Why half of CEOs support more mental health benefits
  • How to evaluate evidence-based digital treatments for employees and their families
  • Proven results in cost savings and implementation

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