The state of women in the workplace hangs in the balance

Women face an array of unique stressors — many of which have been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. This reality has led to women experiencing higher rates of burnout than their male colleagues. And as a result, women are leaving the workforce at record rates. Fortunately, employers have the incredible power to chip away at, and even dismantle the systems of oppression that contribute to the poor mental health in women. But the question becomes, how?

This webinar features Juliette McClendon, Ph.D., Director of Medical Affairs at Big Health, and Dr. Madeleine Makori, Sr. Medical Science Liaison at Big Health, as they seek to answer that very question.    

In this feature, Dr. McClendon & Dr. Makori discuss the following topics:

  • The unique stressors women face in the US
  • The role intersectionality plays in women’s mental health.
  • How sexism and gender-based discrimination shows up in the workplace
  • Ways that employers can create systemic reform to enhance women’s mental health and lift female voices to keep them in the workforce
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