Sleeping Your Way to Good Mental Health: A World Sleep Day Conversation with Dr. Jen Kanady

A World Sleep Day conversation delving into how better sleep can improve employee mental and physical health, increase productivity, and save money.

We’re all born with the ability to sleep, but modern life provides challenges to our innate sleep patterns which evolution simply hasn’t prepared us for.

Join Jennifer Kanady Ph.D. the Clinical Innovation Lead for Sleep at Big Health who specializes in the research and treatment of sleep and sleep disorders for a World Sleep Day conversation. Dr. Kanady will delve into why sleep matters: how sleep can improve your employees mental and physical health, make them more productive, and save you money.

During this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • The latest research exploring the links between sleep and mental health
  • The cost impact of poor sleep on your workforce
  • Evidence-based guidance for helping employees improve their sleep
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