DTx: value, impact, and expansion

In our second episode of Big Health Talks, we discuss how digital therapeutics transform patient care with a consultant pharmacist.

Welcome to the second segment of Big Health Talks, where we speak with clinical experts and benefits leaders about trends, challenges, and solutions in mental health care and the emerging field of digital therapeutics (DTx).

In this episode, Gabriela Perez, Chief Commercial Officer at Big Health, is joined by Cody Midlam, Director and Pharmacist Consultant at Willis Towers Watson. They discuss everything you need to know about DTx: the potential market, benefits, and predictions for the coming years.

How big is the potential market for DTx?
Where do you see DTx going in the next 2-3 years?
Who stands to benefit from the expansion of DTx, and how?

Watch and listen to the entire conversation between Gabriela and Cody below to learn more about the benefits of digital therapeutics.

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Cody is a paid consultant for Big Health.
Sleepio and Daylight are available as an adjunct to usual medical care for insomnia disorder or generalized anxiety disorder, respectively, for adults ages 18 and older, without FDA review under their COVID-19 policy.

DOC-2919 Effective 06/2023