Is it poor sleep or is it insomnia disorder?

Watch an episode of our latest series, Big Health Talks, where two clinicians discuss everything you need to know about insomnia

Welcome to our first segment of Big Health Talks, where we speak with thought leaders in the industry about trends, problems, and solutions related to mental health, specifically insomnia and anxiety. 

In our first episode, Jenna Carl, PhD, Chief Medical Officer at Big Health, and Andrew Krystal, MD, MS, Professor and Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Psychiatry at UCSF, discuss everything you need to know about insomnia: how to define it, treatment plans, and the role digital therapeutics play in expanding access to care.

What is insomnia disorder?
What is the promise of digital therapeutics for insomnia?
Where do digital therapeutics fit in with a treatment plan and with providers?

Watch and listen to the full conversation between Dr. Carl and Dr. Krystal below for more information on insomnia and the benefits of digital therapeutics.

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Dr. Krystal is a paid consultant for Big Health.

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