CVS Health Adds Big Health’s Digital Therapeutics for the 24-Hour Problem of Mental Health to Its Point Solutions Management Program

CVS Health today announced that Big Health's 24-hour mental health solution — Sleepio for poor sleep, and Daylight for worry and anxiety — is now available to employers and other plan sponsors through CVS Caremark’s Point Solutions Management program.

Together with SleepioTM (for poor sleep), DaylightTM (for worry and anxiety) delivers significant therapeutic benefits based on cognitive and behavioral techniques, and both are embraced by leaders in the Fortune 500 and their millions of employees.

San Francisco, CA – Wednesday 29 July, 2020 – Big Health, the global leader in digital therapeutics dedicated to helping millions back to good mental health, today announced that its Daylight digital therapeutic for worry and anxiety is now available to employers and other plan sponsors through CVS Caremark’s Point Solutions Management program. Together, Sleepio and Daylight address the 24-hour problem of mental health, spanning poor sleep, worry and anxiety, with clinically proven, instantly accessible digital therapeutics.

“Employers and other plan sponsors are increasingly looking for innovative tools to help people manage worry and anxiety, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Sree Chaguturu, MD, Chief Medical Officer at CVS Caremark, the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) business of CVS Health. “Big Health’s commitment to clinical evaluation and research aligns with our focus on helping our clients include clinically effective digital point solutions as part of their benefits packages.”

Point Solutions Management is a full-service offering that leverages the CVS Caremark PBM infrastructure to enable plan sponsors to more efficiently administer apps, online trackers and other digital point solutions that support their members’ health and well-being. Each solution undergoes a rigorous evaluation process to ensure that they support clinical outcomes while minimizing plan costs.

Since Daylight and Sleepio are pure software, they deliver effective, efficient, evidence-based “night and day” mental health care at scale. Big Health clients include Comcast, Boston Medical Center, The Hartford and AmeriGas, among many others. Offering the Big Health solutions via the CVS Health Point Solutions Management program simplifies billing and reimbursement for plan sponsors and their members.

“With the growing number of solutions in the market, securing the necessary budget and contracting process can both be burdensome,” said Lynne Haney, benefits manager at AmeriGas. “With only a one-page amendment and streamlined billing through the pharmacy budget, we were able to get the approvals we needed to launch in just 10 days – it was a simple process.”

“Mental health is a 24-hour problem. With more people isolated at home and with telehealth providers overwhelmed, the need for access to evidence-based mental health support has never been greater,” said Peter Hames, co-founder and chief executive officer of Big Health. “We are pleased to expand our collaboration with CVS Health, by offering Sleepio and now Daylight to CVS Health pharmacy benefit management clients and their members.” 

Employers interested in learning more about Sleepio or Daylight should visit or contact their CVS Health representative.  

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About Big Health

Big Health’s purpose is to help millions back to good mental health, with digital therapeutics — fully automated and highly personalized behavioral programs for mental health. Big Health’s products are Sleepio™ for helping individuals address poor sleep; and Daylight™ for helping individuals address worry and anxiety. Designed by leading clinical experts, Big Health’s solutions feature evidence-based cognitive and behavioral techniques and are backed by more than 40 peer-reviewed research studies including 13 randomized controlled trials. With offices in London and San Francisco, Big Health’s products are used by large multinational employers and major health plans to help improve sleep and mental health, covering millions of employee lives.



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Disclaimer: In accordance with FDA’s Current Enforcement Discretion Policy for Digital Health Devices for Psychiatric Disorders, for patients aged 18 years and older, who are followed by and diagnosed with Insomnia Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder by a medical provider, Sleepio and Daylight can be made available as an adjunct to their usual medical care for Insomnia Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, respectively. Sleepio and Daylight do not replace the care of a medical provider or the patient’s medication. Sleepio and Daylight have not been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for these indications. Users are directed to not make any changes to their prescribed medication or other type of medical treatment without seeking professional medical advice.

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