Year in review: the evolution of our digital treatments for insomnia and anxiety

Review the top articles, webinars, research, and announcements from Big Health in 2022.

It’s been another high-growth year for Big Health! We’ve been focused on expanding our reach to help as many in need as we can, investing in our products, and conducting more clinical research to evaluate Sleepio and Daylight in various settings among diverse populations.

Let’s take a look back at some of our biggest highlights, findings, and resources over the past year:


  • In two independent health economic research reports with Fortune 50 workforces, both Sleepio and Daylight were shown to significantly lower healthcare costs by nearly 20% (Sleepio) and 30% (Daylight). View the Sleepio evaluation here and the Daylight evaluation here.

Key conversations

  • In an effort to better equip benefits leaders as they face the unique challenge of expanding mental health care access for employees, leaders from Big Health, Mercer, and Valmont Industries, Inc. offered their advice for navigating the employee benefits ecosystem.
  • With a shortage of trained professionals in the mental health care space, technology has been immensely beneficial in offering scalability and immediate treatment for those who need it most. Hear directly from a clinician on the impact of digital solutions.
  • As the prevalence of mental health conditions continue to rise, it’s clear we need equitable solutions that can reach those in need while reducing overutilization of high-cost services and healthcare costs. For that to happen, benefits leaders need to be able to effectively communicate the impact of these solutions. Hear from two world-renowned experts on how benefits leaders can communicate the ROI of a digital treatment to senior leadership.


  • In a first-of-its-kind study evaluating how a digital treatment for insomnia can benefit stroke patients with self-reported sleep issues, Sleepio was shown to significantly improve sleep for participants during post-stroke rehabilitation.

Educational resources

  • You’ve heard us talk about the clinical efficacy of our products, Sleepio for insomnia and Daylight for anxiety, but, how do they actually work? Check out these breakdowns explaining the science behind how our solutions help treat insomnia and anxiety.
  • What matters most at the end of the day? Helping our members overcome insomnia and anxiety. Hear from one Sleepio member on how she was able to significantly improve her sleep so she could focus on living her life. 
  • We understand that navigating the mental health and digital health spaces can be overwhelming for someone unfamiliar with these industries. That’s why we created a simple FAQ tool to help answer all of your questions and give simple definitions for frequently used terminology.

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Sleepio and Daylight are available as an adjunct to usual medical care for insomnia disorder or generalized anxiety disorder, respectively, for adults ages 18 and older, without FDA review under their COVID-19 policy.

DOC-2300 Effective 12/2022

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